The Bugle Story

The Bankhead Bugle is the premiere source for hard-hitting journalism in the Bow Valley, The Rockies, and beyond. History buffs recognize the Bow Valley Bugle as the original paper of note in the region. It was started by Jeremiah Atillicatta, a former engineer with Canadian Pacific and an original settler of Bankhead in the 1880s. However, in the early days of 1923, mining moguls bought out the Bugle from Jeremiah to service the humble mining community of Bankhead exclusively.

The Bugle barrels forward, examining the most pressing issues in the Rockies to the quiet miracles of the everyday. Much has changed since the purchase of the Bugle. As Bankhead has gone from quiet mining community to bustling lake-side metropolis, so too has the reach of the Bankhead Bugle. Between alpine news camps dotting 47 major peaks in the Canadian Rockies, a regional command centre embedded into Mt. Robson, and the world’s first pan-provincial all-canine search and rescue team—the Bugle continues to surprise and amaze.