Living in a such a divisive slice of history should embolden us to ask hard questions. And sometimes if something isn’t a Hell Yeah—it’s probably a Heck Nope. These two fruit are popular pizza toppings—but I’ll bet you know which one is better.


A touch of sweet on a pie brings it all together.

If no speaks, few will do anything. Sometimes the most obvious way forward is also what the largest group of sensible people want. Shout the right thing and watch the world jump to life. Take that risk. Shout “PINEAPPLE!”


I may be a lunatic that prefers olives on pizza, but I have other redeeming qualities. I swear.

If you don’t listen, you can’t learn. If everyone is too busy arguing anyway, may as well listen to what they’re screaming about until everyone is ready to be productive again. In these trying times, there’s no reason to interrupt your usually zen sensibilities.