Photo Credit: Overheard in Banff

BANFF, AB—Léim! Léim! Cas! Two performers were caught on camera delighting their fellow pedestrians with a traditional Gaelic dance yesterday afternoon.

This isn’t their first riverdance either. Mick Talleyharne and Chort MacDougall are two visiting professional dancers from the United Kingdom and will be performing at the Banff Centre this Friday.

Marceline Phubert, director of dance and performative combat, reviewed the footage of the chance encounter with the Bugle and explained its cultural significance.

It is a very unusual instance of the Troid Amaideach, a Gaelic opera from the early 12th century. They did not have the traditional flute accompaniment and instead performed the dance to Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. It couldn’t be further from the source material but the beat, interestingly, is similar. They did stay close to tradition in other ways. The dominant dancer performed the Victor’s Whipple according to tradition and didn’t hold back when he kicked his partner in the chest. This movement seems like a blunt instrument to us now but it was commonplace during the 12th century.

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