LAKE LOUISE, AB—MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! Motocross fans are revving their engines for the inaugural CanRockies MotoX Lake Louise next summer season.

Not everyone’s revving their engines though.

The controversial event has been granted approval by Parks Canada, the RCMP, and various event sponsors and lodging partners. The Bugle spoke with Brant Jervassal, a CanRockies board member and professional bassoonist, about what’s happening behind the scenes at MotoX Lake Louise.

“We’ve blocked out the entire Fairmont Lake Louise for four days—it’s going to be big! One of their C-suite guys said he came here with his wife last year and they did all the typical shit. So apparently when they were taking the trail up to the tea house, the whole time Ted’s just thinking about what it would be like to motocross it. Just one big trial track through the trail system. I told him ‘that’d be ridiculous! you’re insane!’, all that. But here we are.”

CanRockies have their detractors as well. An angry motley of conservationist cyclists claim their concerns continually fail to be met and that the MotoX Lake Louise approval process was tainted by bribery. Lycra Moon, an anonymous organizer for a cyclist collective, tweeted the following:

Moon’s tweet echoes the frustration of Bow Valley Naturalists (BVN) and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), who have petitioned Parks Canada to reconsider a policy that allows power-assisted bikes on trails in Banff National Park.

Jervassal does not understand the conservationists concerns.

“What are they even worried about with the suped up mountain bikes or whatever? I can understand being angry at us—but we’re only for a few days and motocross people take respect seriously. These kids riding their ebikes or whatever just want to zip around the woods with the elk and cougars, who the hell wouldn’t want to? Leave them alone.”

More to come.