You and your squeeze have woken up sweatier and in more pain than either would care to admit. But god damn it you both said you’d do something special together when you were at your highest heights at 3:30 in the morning and there’s still half of the afternoon to be seized. What better way to keep the fire alive than to spend the remains of a lost day restoring your stocks of serotonin together? Time for some recovery day magic.

1Dogwatch at a café

It’s late afternoon so you won’t look out of place with sunglasses. Whitebark and Good Earth have well-placed patios. Plus, low-effort coffee and baked goods better than either of you could make right now (or ever, if you’re being honest). It’s summer. The boys are back in town, the dogs are out in force, and some of them need pats. Enjoy the pup parade with your boo and try to forget your headache.

2Crush a season of something

You have a few good options on a growing To Watch backlog and all the time in the world though, so why not? No one wants to be stared at in the state you’re both in anyway, so let the sleek LCD glow be the only light in the room and keep words to the bare essentials. It isn’t lack of communication—it’s understanding the other person’s needs. And right now, your only needs are water and letting Netflix know you’re both still there.

3Easy hike, beers

Easy, active, cheap! Look at you two, pair of go-getters you are. That boulder jutting out from Tunnel Mountain Road takes 10 minutes of effort and there’s still a few pilsners from yesterday in the fridge. Name a better hangover cure than some hair of the dog with a nice view. N’existe pas, mon ami! Growing closer and well on your way to feeling like normal adults again, killing it! A recovery day miracle.

4Just don’t even leave bed

You can see Rundle from the window, neither of you can stomach food yet, and you have the person you want to spend time with already with you. No one’s here to care you’re still in last night’s clothes. Don’t fix what ain’t broke—but definitely brush your teeth.