Photo Credit: Darpan Dodiya, Unsplash

CANMORE, AB—Ted Gnudson, 38, has been ordered to leave Canmore by the town’s High Council for violating section II.b of the Canmore Town Code. Ted doesn’t have a Red Beta AR Arc’teryx shell.

While Gnudson does meet standard Arc’teryx ownership requirements, it was revealed that his ex-wife had accidentally taken the red shell during her exodus to Kimberly, British Columbia. “Hell, I wear my Creston’s everyday in summer. I couldn’t live without my shell in winter. I have no issue with the town provision, I didn’t know I needed the red one. The only people in red Arc’teryx shells are telling my son to slow down at Sunshine.”

Despite Gnudson’s cavalier dismissal of the Red Beta AR provision, the town does require residents to keep a Red Beta AR in the home in the event of town-wide emergencies.

Gnudson intends to fight the exile charge in High Council.