There’s a line out the door at Wild Flour Bakery —locals and tourists alike can’t wait to view the latest masterpiece from Banffsy.

This very-much-seen-before work took staff by surprise when it appeared in the public washrooms yesterday afternoon.

“It’s a very clever commentary on the disintegration of modern society,” a Wild Flour staff member told the Bugle. “What is more unstructured than pasta? If that is indeed what Banffsy has written. It takes talent to create something simultaneously so pointless and so visually mediocre.”

Local art enthusiast Philbert Guffintree rushed to the scene as soon as the piece was discovered. “It’s the best thing he’s ever done. In his life. Ever. The use of black spray paint—what kind of mind thinks to use black for text? And the waterproof paint, in a washroom. Mwah! he’s really outdone himself.”

To cover the increased insurance costs associated with having a priceless artwork onsite, the bakery will be charging a $5 admission fee to view the exhibit. The hunt to uncover Banffsy’s secret identity has so far proved fruitless. Eyewitness reports suggest the RCMP is using more and more resources for the search, including teams of dogs and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Bugle is following this developing story.